New Beginnings, Bittersweet Endings ...

Another year has passed and I don’t know about you, but I’m so psyched about 2017!! New year … new goals … new resolutions ...

Okay, maybe I need a little jump start … but I’m getting on board, slowly but surely. It’s a strange beginning for me, though, because I start the year with an ending. In just a week, I close the door on The Over Series. Ever Over After will be released, The Over Duet will be complete, and I may need to hide under the covers for a bit and sniffle. I’ve spent the last three years with these characters running rampant in my thoughts, clouding my brain, and ending that chapter of my writing career feels bittersweet. After my little cry fest, I’ll leave the bitter and forge ahead with the sweet, I promise!!

So what will you see from me in 2017? How about we start off the year with a sexy bang? Ever Over After … the conclusion to The Over Duet … a healthy dose of snarky, grown-up Marlo … all that is coming to you NEXT WEEK!

So … I know what you’re thinking. That’s great for the first week of the year, but there are fifty-one weeks left in 2017. What ARE you going to do with them? That’s a very good question.

My response?

Lots of things! Lots of just-in-the-works, super-secretive things. LOL!

What I can say is I have a working title for my next book and it’s all plotted out … in my head. Now, it’s time to pull that sucker out and get it into my computer. That means lots of time in the writing cave this winter and spring.

I also signed some papers last week for a new project that I can’t WAIT to tell you about. But I have to wait until it’s official. LOL! But very soon!

So, in conclusion, besides the release of Ever Over After next week, this year will be a big game of “wait and see” from me. Ha ha!! But isn’t the ride half the fun? I’ll surprise in the best way, I promise!

Here’s to a great year, everyone!! Let’s do this!


J.A. DeRouen

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