First Time Sale & Series Sale!!

For the very first time, you can grab Storms Over Secrets on sale for 99 cents!!! Storms Over Secrets is a heartbreaking tale of yearning for the future, while still clinging to the past. Cain and Celia’s story is a sweet, Southern romance, but there’s a healthy dose of sexy spice, too! And I have a confession to make - these two are my very favorite couple. Hands down.

I’ve included the prologue to Storms Over Secrets so you can check it out. I hope you fall in love with Cain and Celia like I have!!

And BONUS!!!! I decided to put the entire Over Series on sale!!! That’s three standalone novels for under $3.00!!!

Download Here:

Hope Over Fear

Wings Over Poppies

Storms Over Secrets



The Past – Six Years Ago

My feet pound the pavement at a punishing pace, and my calves scream as I push myself forward, not going nearly fast enough. My ragged breath whistles into the night as I force air into my restricted lungs. Loose gravel and rocks bruise the bottoms of my feet, but none of that matters.

Please, God, this can’t be the end. I need more time to fix this … more time to fix him.

I pound my fists on the front door, twisting the doorknob and pushing on the splintered wood with all my might.

“Lucas! God, please! Lucas!” My screams pierce through the stillness of the night, and the neighborhood awakens like falling dominos, with porch lights illuminating one after the other.

It feels as though light-years pass before the light above my head flicks to life. Mrs. Cindy opens the door with sleepy eyes and disheveled hair. “My God, Celia, what on Earth?”

There’s no time for words as I shove her aside and race up the staircase. Sobbing. Stumbling. Clawing to get to him.

A boulder settles in my gut, the gnawing dread pulls me under, making it almost impossible to breathe. His text is etched in my brain, tattooed on my already broken heart, because I know what I’ll find when I finally reach him.

No matter where I am, I’ll always love you. I promise you always.

His vow is the only coherent thought I have as I fling open the bathroom door and fall to my knees, sliding on the pool of blood that welcomes me.


Copyright 2015 J.A. DeRouen

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